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The Arab Rebellion in German East Africa 1888-1890
Also called Buschiri's Uprising. A chapter of the german colonial history.
The Arab Rebellion in East Africa 1888-1890 is my first Darkest Africa wargaming project. A very nice subject, Germans vs. Arab slavers, what else could you ask for. My plan is to set up both armies, the german force lead by Herman von Wissmann and the arabian force of Bushiri bin Salim. Unfortunately I don't have too much Africa gamers near where I live therefore i'm going to make all the figs and then try to tempt some of my friends into playing Darkest Africa. We will see if I'll be successful or not...
The short story:  Bushiri bin Salim incited an uprising of coastal Arab slave traders against harsh German colonizers in German East Africa (now part of Tanzania). Hermann von Wissmann, a noted African explorer was appointed German commissioner of East Africa in 1888 and order to put down the uprising. In early 1889, he arrived on the German East African coast with 600 Sudanese troops and proceeded to engage the rebel Arabs in skirmishes throughout the year. In December 1889, Wissmann's forces stormed and took Bagamoyo, a rebel stronghold, and Bushiri was captured and hung. While Wissmann was reestablishing order on land, the Germans, joined by the British, carried out a blockade of the coast, preventing the export of slaves and the import of weapons by the Arabs. By 1890, Wissmann had completely suppressed the rebels.
Read the long story here (very useful) - http://www.theheliograph.com/arab_uprising.doc
Schutztruppe Deutsch Ostafrika Arab Slaver Rebel Force (coming)

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