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German Imperial Marine Infantry
Die Kaiserliche Marine
manufacturer: Copplestone Castings
sculptor: Mark Copplestone
code: AFU1 German Marines
painted: September 2006
The german imperial admiralty was formed on 1 February 1872, whose first chief was General der Infanterie Albrecht von Stosch. The Kaiser held the supreme command. At first the major tasks of the new Imperial Navy were in the coastal protection and in the protection of German maritime trade ways, although already early foreign stations were created. In the 1880's the Imperial navy took part in the production of colonies in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Kiel at the Baltic Sea and Wilhelmshaven at the North Sea served as primary naval bases.
One of the main strategic uses of the colonies was as naval bases for the German navy with large radio stations and coaling facilities. As such some colonies had a naval presence and all the colonies received regular visits from German warships which also at times of rebellion could provide artillery support and landing parties -- (http://www.germancolonialuniforms.co.uk)
In case of need, the German Schutztruppe could be supported by a naval landing force of 200 German marines under captain Hirschberg from the ships Leipzig, Carola and Schwalbe.

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