...colonial africa miniatures project...
German Staff
chefs and the gun bearers
manufacturer: Copplestone Castings and Wargamesfoundry
sculptor: Mark Copplestone
painted: September 2006
The german companies in the Wissmanntruppe were each under the command of a "Leutnant" and usually two of these companies were grouped under the command of a senior German officer, called "Chef".
Paul Pogge, german Africa explorer,
friend of Hermann von Wissmann
Chef Freiherr von Gravenreuth,
lead 2 Sudanese companies
Leutnant End, lead a 40-men strong sniper unit consisting of German NCO's
(in Yaruba - crown
covered my nakedness)
(in Yao - who is this?)
(in Swahili - Jacob)

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