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Welcome to my new miniature project! Since years I was thinking about starting of Africa project. This domain was reserved two years ago but the inspiration didn't come. But you know, if the patient man will endure for the time then he will obtain. I knew that I will get my inspiration earlier or later and I got it. This year I've started and in the meantime painted my first african force - the German Colonial "Schutztruppe" of Herrmann von Wissmann. I have lots of other plans with Africa, not only the colonial time, also the both World Wars will find their place here. First step is done, Germans are here, the next step are the Zanzibaris. After that? I think Somali...or Masai...or something else. We will see.
The Arab Rebellion in German East Africa 1888-1890
Also Buschiri's Uprising. A chapter of the german colonial history.
Ivory Caravan
The East African ivory trade is an ancient one...
Big-Game Hunt
Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter
Baluchi Zombies
unholy children of the desert
Last updates (10/12/2006):
Baluchi Zombies
Last updates (03/12/2006):
Big-Game Hunt
Last updates (12/11/2006):
Hermann von Wissmann, Locale Ascaris
Last updates (05/11/2006):
German Marines, Ivory Caravan
Last updates (29/10/2006):
Arab Rebellion, German Schutztruppe, German East Africa Co. Ascaris, German Staff

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